At Kayak Bar, with our unique venues, we have extensive experience in hosting dinners, weddings, events, receptions, Christmas parties, etc. We always do our best to make your event an experience.

We provide a personal and cozy atmosphere in one of our different areas or corners all year round. We like the unconventional, the special and the good atmosphere. We have several types of rooms and our facilities are both indoors and outdoors. The place is unique because of its rustic premises and the combination of water, harbor and city.

Kayak Bar is located in the heart of Copenhagen, under Knippelsbro, and right next to the canals. The whole area is protected and the historic surroundings give it a very special character.

If you want to combine kayaking with a dinner, this is also possible. Find out more here!

Do you only want to book a trip in a kayak? Visit Kayak Republic.