We aim to make a difference in Copenhagen, contributing to its cultural scene with a place that embraces diversity. Environmental consciousness and a focus on sustainability are in our DNA, as we care for Copenhagen’s marvelous harbor. We encourage all kayakers to pick up litter from the waters.

Kayak Bar is a place like no other, renowned for kayaking, musical experiences, and an unpretentious atmosphere.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, our premises are steeped in history and heritage, offering a distinctive character that must be experienced. Our spaces extend right to the waterfront, complete with palm trees and floating pontoons. We are a restaurant, cafe, bar, a gathering point, a music venue, and much more. Our events span a wide spectrum, from concerts, exhibitions, record releases, corporate gatherings, weddings, and other celebrations.

One of our truly exceptional events is the annual Lucia in Kayak, where we celebrate Santa Lucia. Experience the magic of the unique blend of tradition and water as kayaks light up the winter darkness.

Welcome to Kayak Bar, where history, water, and culture beautifully converge.